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IZE Project is designed to pursue the efficiency and diversity of data information required by big data consumers and to protect the privacy of information providers.

IZE Application and IZE Add On are designed to provide more benefits and rewards to big data users by AI data targeting algorithm and Add-On data analysis algorithm.

Add On

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It enables the development of information provision dapps using data targeting algorithms linking information providers and information users, and the dapp operators are entitled to configure the nodes of the IZE blockchain.
Dapp-provided users can collect data by applying various devices.

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  • Proof of Value Blockchain Algorithm

    A value proof method is a proof of value (PoV) that is measured as a contribution to the provision of value and consumption of data provided, and can be created through the use of data that excludes malicious purposes.

    Algorithms for value planning include consumption measurement and a rating system that involves the production company of the IZE Application.

  • Data storage of IZE

    The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is an encrypted blockchain based database, or distributed blockchain file system.

    Such data files can be stored via encryption and shared with selected users. IZE stores only the hash value of the IPFS-generated storage file, ie the user's data, on the Ethereum blockchain instead of the above BPM.

    This ensures the simplicity of the data required for the blockchain and at the same time implements IPFS's fully decentralized blockchain technology.

  • IZE data processing process

    IZE uses Spark to build big data process platforms. Spark is ideal for building large-scale, low-latency big data analytics and machine learning (machine learning) applications and is the technology required by the IZE platform.

    Spark is an open source cluster computing environment similar to Hadoop, but there are some differences between the two, making Spark better suited for some workloads (see Spark architecture deployed on the IZE platform). In particular, Spark can activate data sets distributed in memory, provide interactive queries, and optimize repetitive workloads.

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Based on the Tendermint-cosmos blockchain technology, IZE Blockchain we develop has the following features.

  • Fast consesus

    It implements about 2,000 TPS to process the platform's smooth transaction, and then aims at 100,000 TPS.

  • Safe

    Ensuring the security of cryptocurrencies or cashable assets so that data exchangers and consumers can safely transact, We apply Abnormally detection technology of abnormal symptom defense that catches and defends in advance.

  • Smart Contract

    It supports smart contracts with data exchange companies and is fully compatible with Ethereum, allowing other smart contracts and distributed applications to be transformed into the IZE Blockchain without code changes.

  • Low Fee

    The almost free transaction fee policy promotes business induction of the IZE Blockchain ecosystem and protects revenue.


IZE tokens issue a total of 10 billion.

Token Table Token Table


  • Yu Onodera

    - Management and operation of FX management system and IT consultant company.
    - As a business consultant for more than 10 years. In 2013, he drafted the project and began research on blockchain technology.
    - Contacted several companies and organizations in 2017 to strengthen the foundation of this project.

  • Ricky Yujin Lohmeyer
    Chief Strategy Officer

    - 1991 - 1996, Worked as an American Airlines operating agent at Narita International Airport
    - Jun/1996 - Oct/2005, Specialized manufacturer of chemical pumps and oil skimming equipment.
    - Sales and processing of chemical pumps in chemical plants, car manufacturers, refineries and many other industries.
    - 2006 - 2013, Operating a comprehensive trading company specializing in industrial facilities in Japan.
    - 2014 - Presently, a company that primarily deals with the planning and sales of prepaid travel cards, and a travel agency specializing in inbound and outbound travel.

  • Kanchana Eric Sinharage
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Kanchana Eric Sinharage

    - Years of experience in public relations and welfare
    - Activation, networking, organization and management activities in various cultural and multinational groups
    - Programs and projects involving governments, the private sector, non-governmental and government agencies
    - Currently serves as project chairman of the road development department
    - President, Colombo Prison Welfare Association
    - Coordinator in Social Service
    - Coordinating Officer of Special Project Department

  • Murilo Osamu Nobo
    Chief Technology Officer

    - 2016, cryptocurrency self-taught, deepen knowledge
    - Hold a cryptocurrency private seminar
    - Keikoku Activities (Cambodia)
    - ICE platform smart contract business for ICO related projects
    - 2018, Director of Blockchain Technology Development bear valley Holdings (Comoros Association)
    - Development of various services (payment service providers, wallet service providers, affiliate providers, etc.)


  • 2019

    • 03

      - Finalized project concept and its components
      - Finalized team members
      - Created CI/BI
      - Planning and Design

    • 05

      - Planned white paper
      - Finalized basic coin

    • 08

      - Planned service
      - Planned mainnet

    • 11

      - Formed legal and finance team
      - Began Pre-Sale
      - Reviewed exchanges
      - Completed white paper
      - • Completed DApp planning

  • 2020

    • 02

      - List IZE on exchanges

    • 05

      - Sought partner affiliations

    • 12

      - Design IZE Application

  • 2021

    • 01

      - Design IZE Add

    • 08

      - Create IZE Application MVP

    • 11

      - Create IZE Add On MVP

  • 2022

    • 03

      - Complete the mainnet planning

    • 05

      - Launch IZE Application Beta

    • 08

      - Launch IZE Add On Beta

    • 12

      - Complete mainnet